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GoldCrypto Mission: To establish GoldCrypto tokens as a unique Gold Standard decentralized and nationless cryptocurrency backed by physical gold. Additionally, for the GoldCrypto tokens to be ever increasing in physical gold value and thereby be optimal for payments and remittances.

Product: GoldCrypto Tokens are unique Gold Standard cryptocurrency tokens. Within a market of economic uncertainty, terrorism, political instability and many other threats, the case for establishment of a gold backed, decentralized, nationless and secure cryptocurrency is an imperative for commerce, portability, and for wealth and value preservation. This is especially the case given that the US dollar and the world’s other 180 fiat currencies are predominantly backed by debt. Further, within the rapidly emerging blockchain world, the clear majority of some 1,250 exchange listed cryptocurrencies have no tangible backing and little chance of success. Logically many will ultimately not survive as a viable cryptocurrency. This highlights the case for establishment of a Gold Standard value token even more.

GoldCrypto Tokens are ERC20 standard tokens optimal for all payments and remittances. They also:

  • establish a unique cryptocurrency Gold Standard
  • impact and expand a significant cryptocurrency market opportunity
  • continuously increase in value
  • provide for participation by all
  • gain leverage from potential future gold-backed banking operations

A significant GoldCrypto Token feature is that their gold backing will commence from approximately US$1.70 per Token and be continually and autonomously supplemented.

Market for GoldCrypto Tokens

  1. Cryptocurrency Buyers: As a Gold Standard cryptocurrency ever increasing in gold-backing, the GoldCrypto Token will appeal as a decentralized nationless cryptocurrency.
  2. Hybrid Hedging Buyers: For those concerned with inflation, political instability, economic uncertainty, gold as a bullion product, together with the security of blockchain makes GoldCrypto Tokens an attractive option.
  3. Institutional Buyers: GoldCrypto Tokens are the ideal option for gold acquisition potential on highly attractive terms, as well as providing the security of a Gold Standard Cryptocurrency.
  4. Gold Bullion Buyers: Being gold backed and ever increasing in accumulated physical gold backing, the GoldCrypto Tokens provide a most advantageously leveraged gold position opportunity.


‘Gold Standard’

The Gold Standard – Gold once backed most currencies. The UK stopped using the Gold Standard in 1931, and the US in 1933 phasing it out totally in 1971. Today the Gold Standard is no longer used by any government.

GoldCrypto Tokens – As a Cryptocurrency

GoldCrypto Cryptocurrency Tokens have all the components of a close to perfect global currency:

  • Value – Gold backed with transparent blockchain accountability, GoldCrypto Token value is irrefutable.
  • Counterfeiting – Cannot be counterfeited as GoldCrypto Tokens are accounted for within the fully transparent GoldCrypto blockchain.
  • Trust – Backed by blockchain verifiable gold and no debt.
  • Transferable – Can be used for payments, remittances, gifting, or be bought or sold on global cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Authenticity – Backed by physical gold and unable to be counterfeited, GoldCrypto Token authenticity can always be GoldCrypto blockchain validated and verified.
  • Portability –As a digital value cryptocurrency, GoldCrypto Tokens are globally portable and, through cryptocurrency exchanges, can be realized in multiple fiat currencies.
  • Fungibility – Able to be used for exchange of most any value services or products and/or for physical gold which is itself highly fungible.
  • Durability – As a digital currency, GoldCrypto Token durability exceeds all fiat currencies.
  • Divisibility – Provide for divisibility that will enhance global usage as and when required commensurate with its growth traction as a cryptocurrency.

However, for any cryptocurrency to emerge as a true global currency of choice, its usage value, recognition, and acceptance need to be unquestioned and unanimous worldwide. Further, scalability
needs to be addressed. Even Bitcoin, with a current value of over US$9,000 per coin, is still a very small player relative to the size of the global currency market. Putting things into perspective, Bitcoin has a current market capitalization of around US$150 billion within a global market where all fiat currencies total US$90.4 trillion of which only US$7.6 trillion is in printed or minted form.

Notably and additionally, global mined gold reserves are at US$7.7 trillion, stock market assets are US$73 trillion, property assets are US$217 trillion. Hanging over all this is a total global debt of $215 trillion and a derivatives market of well over US$500 trillion.

Clearly, a run on any major fiat currency or assets liquidation would be cataclysmic.

So, within the ‘new-age’ cryptocurrency world, GoldCrypto Tokens are positioned to capitalize on:

  • Demand – There is clear demand for an efficient, trusted, and portable asset backed currency.
  • Value – Uniquely, GoldCrypto Tokens will ever increase in gold backing value.
  • Acceptance – GoldCrypto Tokens as a true value and trusted cryptocurrency will have unlimited potential as a currency of choice.
  • Widespread Use – Being gold backed, tradable, used for payments and remittances, as well as verifiable and able to be validated, positions GoldCrypto Tokens as a true global cryptocurrency.

GoldCrypto – Operational Simplicity

ICO:                             Cryptocurrencies are exchanged for GoldCrypto Tokens
Trading:                    Able to be bought and sold on cryptocurrency exchanges
Commerce:              Ideal for payments and remittances
Optional Gold:       Option to exchange for physical gold any time after 1 July 2023

  • Physical gold underpins GoldCrypto Token use-value.
  • Currently, each 750 GoldCrypto Tokens will be backed by one ounce of gold (approximately US$1.70 per GoldCrypto Token). This gold backing per GoldCrypto Token then progressively increases.

GoldCrypto Gold Standard

The GoldCrypto Gold Standard is backed by pre-purchased gold to be delivered as bullion following traditional mining operations.

Significantly, the initial GoldCrypto Token gold backing of circa US$1.70 is positioned to continuously and autonomously increase to the direct benefit of all GoldCrypto Token holders.

The pre-purchase, or streaming, of gold and other precious metals is a well-accepted industry practice. Significant publicly-listed companies, including Franco-Nevada, Silver Wheaton, Royal Gold, Sandstorm, and Osisko Royalties, acquire gold through pre-purchase or streaming agreements. Similarly, GoldCrypto interest in gold starts while it is still in the ground and continues as it is mined, processed and stored as bullion in recognized major depositories.

GoldCrypto gold is pre-purchased through Scottsdale Arizona based Key Capital Corporation (“Key Capital”) which has a mining team with extensive experience and expertise in all facets of mining. Key Capital will monitor mine performance and the production of all pre-purchased gold (see: www.keycapitalgroup.com).

There are of course risks (See “Risks and Uncertainties” section of GoldCrypto Disclosure Statement). GoldCrypto Tokens, like other cryptocurrencies, do not come with guarantees. GoldCrypto Token market demand – pricing – can rise or fall.

In short, nothing is risk free. Life itself is not risk free, be it related to health, marriage, investment, conduct, or other issues. Despite considered risk factors, GoldCrypto participation is up to the individual.


GoldCrypto Token Objectives

  • Establish a true ‘Gold Standard’ token with an appreciating use value
  • Bridge an old currency – gold – and the new-economy GoldCrypto cryptocurrency
  • Provide a level playing field and opportunity for all participants
  • Provide a secure, decentralized, transparent and accountable GoldCrypto cryptocurrency

GoldCrypto Token Features

  • Gold leverage
  • At ICO, gold backing of close to 50% discount to gold market price
  • Accretive – further gold pre-purchases autonomously added to GoldCrypto Tokens
  • Decentralized and nationless – not controlled by any country, authority or bank

GoldCrypto Tokens Provide

  • A secure and 24/7 global portable cryptocurrency
  • A gold use-value structured to appreciate over time
  • Security, transparency and efficiency through the GoldCrypto blockchain
  • Access to all regardless of wealth or position

The ability to ultimately exchange GoldCrypto Tokens for physical gold on highly attractive terms and pricing is a unique and distinguishing GoldCrypto Token use feature of comfort, security, and difference for all participants.

What are GoldCrypto Tokens?

GoldCrypto Tokens are decentralized nationless secure and transparent blockchain based software contracts. They are ERC20 standard digital tokens exchangeable for select cryptocurrencies during the GoldCrypto ICO and in subsequent GoldCrypto exchange offers. GoldCrypto Tokens will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges where they may be bought and sold. GoldCrypto Tokens are positioned as ideal for payments and remittances, and ultimately, they will be able to be exchanged for physical gold and/or, potentially, other precious metals at some later time.

Physical Gold

  1. Gold Mine Operations: All GoldCrypto pre-purchased gold is produced through select traditional gold mining operations where production and performance is monitored on site by Key Capital.
  2. Gold Bullion Processing: Highly regarded Scottsdale based Mint is proposed to refine the mined gold to 99.99 purity (see: www.scottsdalesilver.com).
  3. Gold Storage: All Gold bullion will be stored and regularly audited at recognized major depositories such as, Singapore Precious Metals Exchange (see: www.sgpmx.com), Swiss Gold Safe AG, Zurich (see: www.swissgoldsafe.ch) and Byzantium International Ltd. Cayman Islands (see: www.byzantium.ky).

Digital Gold – The GoldCrypto blockchain transparent distributed ledger of accounts, regardless of how many times the GoldCrypto Tokens are sold (if sold), immutably records:

  1. the originating cryptocurrency exchange for GoldCrypto;
  2. the initial gold backing convertibility of all issued GoldCrypto Tokens; and
  3. the autonomous accretive increases in gold backing value.


Over the past 20 years the Internet has changed our lives, the way we communicate, transact, pay bills, and receive and share information, etc. Many companies have leveraged the Internet with some becoming among the largest and most valuable companies in the world. Blockchain is now seen as similarly disruptive and is gaining rapid adoption. Blockchain will almost certainly re-write most everything, especially in communications, transactional, security and financial markets – the cornerstones of all commerce.

Blockchain technology provides an ingenious way to securely store data and verify its integrity through a decentralized and distributed network. Blockchain inherently protects all transactions by adding each transaction to the distributed blockchain ledger so that they cannot be changed.

Within the next decade, blockchain technology applications are expected to become just as important as the Internet itself, and equally as valuable.

Global leaders in finance, banking, Internet of Things (IoT), supply chains, manufacturing and tech markets are already actively engaging in the potential incorporation of blockchain within their respective industry specializations. Those looking at early adoption and/or participation include ABN AMRO, Accenture, Andreessen Horowitz, ANZ Bank, ASX, Bank of China, Bank of Tokyo, Blockchain, BNP Paribas, BNY Mellon, Calastone, China Union Pay, Cisco, CLS, CME Group, Coinbase, ConsenSys, Credits, The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTC), Deutsche Börse Group, Digital Asset Holdings, DOCOMO, Fujitsu Limited, Guardtime, Hitachi, IBM, Intel, IntellectEU, J.P. Morgan, Kasikornbank, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, Mizuho, NEC, NTT DATA, NYSE, People’s Bank of
China, Postal Bank of China, R3, Red Hat, Santiago Stock Exchange, SBI Securities, State Street, SWIFT, Symbiont, The Moscow Exchange, Trafigura, Union Square Ventures, USAA, VMware, Walmart, Wells Fargo, Yes Bank and many more.

Blockchain technologies are bound to be massively disruptive as they gain momentum and achieve exponential global adoption. The realization of extraordinary value opportunities across most market sectors will be equally impressive.

There is no doubt that blockchain based secure and enhanced services will dramatically improve standards and efficienciesthroughout global commerce as they incorporate immutability, improved security and transparency metrics made possible by blockchain.

Traditional Economy Issues


Most of the World’s population with bank or investment accounts tolerate associated traditional, inefficient and costly fee-driven transactions. Over two billion people globally are unbanked, and even more not invested, as in the current traditional system they cannot support fees charged.

Why? Largely because Industry fees and participation are biased against smaller traders, depositors, borrowers and investors, with most significant opportunities reserved for the wealthy. The average person just does not get a look-in or have sufficient wealth to be attractive to such opportunities. Investopedia “How to invest in Private Equity” sums it up:

Private-equity investing is not easily accessible for the average investor. Most private-equity firms typically look for investors who are willing to commit as much as $25 million. Although some firms have dropped their minimums to $250,000, this is still out of reach for most people.

Funds – Minimum investments can be in the $100,000 to $250,000 range, and the manager may  not let you participate unless you have a net worth between $1.5 million to $5 million.

GoldCrypto decentralized digital tokens establish a true cryptocurrency Gold Standard and provide a new level of opportunity – available to all.

The concept of decentralized, nationless, digital, ‘private currencies’ is nothing less than revolutionary, as is evidenced by the rapid growth in blockchain technology and the digital cryptocurrency markets. The introduction of an accretive Gold Standard GoldCrypto Token is even more so.

Trust – Security – Confidence

Globally, there is a clear declining confidence in banks, governments and authorities (incl. regulators) as highlighted by recent events in USA, Germany, Spain, Greece, England, France, Cyprus and many other countries. Also of concern is the growing evident global unrest including increasing terrorism incidents; the refugee situation, particularly in Europe; and the potential for nuclear engagement with North Korea.

Despite financial markets being highly regulated, their failings are a matter of record evidenced by multi-billiondollar fraud/failure by ‘trusted’ and ‘regulated’ parties like Lehman Brothers, WaMu, IndyMac, Netbank, American Savings and Loan, Bank of New England, Sachsen, the Icelandic banks, Long Term Credit Bank of Japan, New Frontier Bank, Madoff, Enron, Tyco, Parmalot, Adelphia, Bre-X and many others. In the penny stocks, venture and OTC markets there is little that regulation and oversight can do to protect investors, as the record demonstrates globally.

The unfortunate reality is, despite our sophisticated systems and complex laws, consumer, user and investor protection leaves a lot to be desired. Trust and confidence are severely damaged for the average person. Under the current flawed regulatory regimes, denying them free-choice alternatives or early investment opportunities is also not a true or fair solution.

Combining blockchain transparency, security and immutability with a Gold Standard GoldCrypto Token seeks to introduce trust, fair exchange and a unique value potential to the blockchain and cryptocurrency world.

Blockchain – Leveling the Playing Field!

Blockchain is game-changing, disrupting many things, including commerce as we know it, financial markets and investing. The blockchain opportunity is created for anyone and everyone. With few barriers to entry currently, ground-floor blockchain opportunities abound.

A 2016 World Economic Forum paper predicts blockchain will be the ‘beating heart’ of the global financial system, identifying it among 10 emerging technologies forecast to disrupt global industry. Clearly, early movers are presented a generational opportunity for ground-floor participation.

Transactions through blockchain platforms introduce transparency, security, longevity, interoperability, efficiency and support at levels and cost that cannot be matched by the legacy systems of the current traditional market. This new generation of applications has the potential to establish ground-breaking levels of trust, transparency, accountability and efficiency that will streamline business process and legal constraints within and across all markets – globally.

Mainstream imminent blockchain adoption is already evident in many developing commercial initiatives including the growing and rapid acceptance of Bitcoin; Ethereum being used in multiple mainstream applications; major banks using Ripple; China looking at introducing digital currency; Microsoft’s Coco Framework for blockchain enterprise; Corda’s A3 $107 raise through major bank and institutional interests, to progress development of a bank and institutional distributed ledger platform; and Linux Foundation’s Open Source Hyperledger with partners that include global leaders in finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing and technology. These include ABN AMRO, Accenture, ANZ Bank, Blockchain, BNY Mellon, Calastone, Cisco, CLS, CME Group, ConsenSys, Credits, The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), Deutsche Börse Group, Digital Asset Holdings, Fujitsu Limited, Guardtime, Hitachi, IBM, Intel, IntellectEU, J.P.
Morgan, NEC, NTT DATA, R3, Red Hat, State Street, SWIFT, Symbiont, VMware and Wells Fargo.

“Our research highlights why you need to quickly get on board, or lose out on not just the benefits, but miss out on setting the standards and defining how the ecosystem will operate.” IBM on blockchain

“We think blockchain is going to potentially transform every industry.” Microsoft Azure


GoldCrypto introduces its unique Gold Standard GoldCrypto Token opportunity in the game-changing blockchain economy where all GoldCrypto Token participants receive the full use-benefits of the Tokens, with accountability, transparency, and security unmatched in the ‘old world’.

All gold bullion backing for GoldCrypto Tokens is pre-purchased through GoldCrypto’s Service Operator and Key Capital with the physical gold being sourced from various mine operations.

Gold pre-purchase, or streaming, is not novel and is an established practice in the mining industry. Notable public companies that pre-purchase future gold stream delivery from gold mine production opportunities include Franco-Nevada, Silver Wheaton, Royal Gold, Sandstorm, and Osisko Royalties.

The Gold backing provides a unique Gold Standard for GoldCrypto Tokens with multiple opportunity levels:

  1. ICO: Major cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for GoldCrypto Tokens.
  2. Gold Standard Cryptocurrency: As a unique Gold Standard token, GoldCrypto Tokens will be tradable on exchanges and globally portable. As a value cryptocurrency GoldCrypto Tokens will be able to be used for payments, remittances and for purchase of goods and services.
  3. Gold Delivery: Optionally exchangeable for physical gold any time after July 2023.

The option to exchange GoldCrypto Tokensfor gold bullion is backed by in-ground gold and, subsequently through gold bullion creation (following physical mining and refining), and its storage as gold bullion. This option provides purchasing power protection, wealth creation and diversification.

The GoldCrypto Tokens will exist autonomously within the GoldCrypto Token Blockchain after all final platform development, completion of the GoldCrypto ICO and finalization of the first GoldCrypto gold pre-purchase. Ultimately 70% of all GoldCrypto Tokens to be issued pursuant to the GoldCrypto ICO and subsequent offers will be owned by the participants in the ICO and any other offers. The remaining 30% of GoldCrypto Tokens will be reserved for GoldCrypto Token mining, any bounty costs and for the development team, advisors, and the earliest adopters/contributors. The maximum GoldCrypto ever to be issued will be 2,000 million GoldCrypto Tokens.

Following the GoldCrypto Token ICO closing, GoldCrypto will finalize gold pre-purchase agreements with Key Capital through its Service Operator. All gold pre-purchases will be limited to NO MORE than 25% of the identified recoverable gold from any specific mine. From this point forward, GoldCrypto Tokens will be backed by their cryptocurrency Gold Standard (in-ground gold that is to be mined, processed, and refined into gold bullion).

This pre-purchase of gold provides GoldCrypto Token holders both leveraged and highly favorable terms of wealth protection associated with GoldCrypto Token ownership. GoldCrypto Tokens are positioned as a revolutionary usevalue product in the emergent decentralized blockchain and cryptocurrency economy with their unique use potential and cryptocurrency Gold Standard value appreciation potential.


GoldCrypto’s Service Operator has an agreement with Key Capital to pre-purchase up to a maximum of 25% of assessed recoverable gold from any specific gold mining operation agreed to be pursued. The pre-purchased and, ultimately, delivered gold provides the GoldCrypto Token gold backing.

Limiting gold pre-purchase to 25% of assessed recoverable gold from any specific mining operation, although not a guarantee, provides a comfortable buffer for commercial delivery viability and gold backing for the GoldCrypto Tokens at well below current gold market prices.

Operationally, as physical pre-purchased gold is delivered from any specific mining operation:

  • 50% will be retained as bullion to the direct gold backing benefit of all GoldCrypto Tokens
  • 45% – less operational costs – will be reinvested in further selected gold pre-purchases to assure continued additional accretive gold backing for GoldCrypto  Tokens
  • 5% will be donated to the ‘CrypDonate’ Social Enterprise which is mandated to establish sustainable community projects in third-world and developing countries

As the number of mine pre-purchase operations increase, so does reinvestment into further gold pre-purchase agreements. In this way, the physical gold backing and value for all GoldCrypto Tokens will continue to accrue.

Unique Gold Leverage Potential through Pre-Purchase

To demonstrate the leverage provided by the unique GoldCrypto approach, consider the following example:

  • If pre-purchases commence from three mining operations, gold deliveries will commence from these three sources in approximately 9 – 15 months.
  • With 50% going to bullion storage vaults and 45% to further gold pre-purchases, say from two additional  mines, then in approximately 18 – 24 months five gold mines will be delivering gold.
  • Again with 50% going to gold vault storage and 45% for further gold pre-purchases, say from three additional mines, then in 27 – 33 months gold deliveries will be coming from eight mining operations.
  • In 36-42 months gold would be being delivered from around 12 mines…….and so on.
  • In this way pre-purchased gold delivery continues to increase exponentially, as gold deliveries from an ever-increasing number of mine add gold backing value to the GoldCrypto Tokens.


The following is presented as an indicative and conservative scenario for the Gold Standard backing by physical gold for each GoldCrypto Token over 10 years and assumes there is no increase in gold price over the period and an initial 20 million GoldCrypto Tokens are exchanged at ICO. It should be noted that this calculation is for illustrative purposes only and based upon the following assumptions:


  • 1 GoldCrypto Token is US$1.00 equivalent (as gold is predominantly traded in USD)
  • Total mine(s) production will exceed 125,000 ounces of gold over a maximum 10 years
  • 32,000 ounces of gold (25% of forecast production) are pre-purchased
  • Pre-purchase gold value at ICO: price equivalent of US$750 per ounce
  • Initial in-ground GoldCrypto Token gold backing: circa US$1.70 value per GoldCrypto Token.
  • As mining progresses and gold is refined and delivered: 50% will be held in bullion vaults; 45% (approximately US$14.4 million at current prices) to be re-invested in further gold pre-purchase
    opportunities, and 5% will be provided to CrypDonate’s global community projects.
  • The 45% re-investment process continues as further production projects are realized. This assures the GoldCrypto Token gold backing and value will continue to increase substantially and accretively.

Gold Backing Potential for Each GoldCrypto Token in 10 Years – Conservative Case

Gold Backing Base Case Target
Initial Gold Backing per GoldCrypto Token (US$1.00 ICO pricing) of which 45% is reinvested in next gold pre-purchases $1.70 $1.70
Year 2 – additional gold interest mine pre-purchases $2.25 $3.00
Year 4 – additional gold interest mine pre-purchases $2.25 $3.00
Year 8 – additional gold interest mine pre-purchases $2.25 $3.00
Year 10 – additional gold interest mine pre-purchases $3.95 $4.70
Total adjusted Gold Backing per GoldCrypto Token $12.40 $15.40


Should the gold price increase or decrease over the period then values would be similarly affected.

Therefore, for GoldCrypto Token holders that do not trade or sell their tokens or otherwise use their tokens for payments, remittances, or similar, should they be looking to a token exchange for physical gold after ten years then the appreciation for every dollar value of ICO participation would be between 1,140% and 1,440% (without accounting for any gold price movements).

For GoldCrypto Token holders taking advantage of the 12% value discount during the first 15 days of the ICO, the value appreciation would be between 1,409% and 1,750%. In gold ounce terms, this would equate to the delivery in 10 years for the Base Case of 7.26 ounces for each 750 Tokens held by any GoldCrypto participant, or 9.08 ounces for the Target Case. This is based on gold staying at US$1,280 per ounce.


The following parties are intended to support the mostly autonomous operations of the GoldCrypto Token Gold Standard cryptocurrency. In each respective case if the identified party is not engaged, or ceases to act, a replacement party of similar standing will be engaged if needed.

Crypto Investor Inc – Service Operator

GoldCrypto incubator, Crypto Investor, Inc., is a Belize corporation and governed under English Common Law, augmented by local legislation. Crypto Investor serves as the GoldCrypto Service Operator in managing and coordinating all actions and activity required to meet the objectives of GoldCrypto and the interests of the GoldCrypto Token holders.

Following the GoldCrypto Token ICO, the Service Operator, on behalf of GoldCrypto and the GoldCrypto Token holder interests, will finalize the gold pre-purchase agreements with Key Capital for the first identified and permitted gold mining operations. Gold pre-purchases will NOT EXCEED 25% of the identified recoverable gold in any specific mining operation.

The Service Operator, as well as providing for the gold pre-purchase agreements and management thereof, will also provide the additional mechanism to effectively materialize any actions required for the benefit of the predominantly autonomous GoldCrypto Token interests. In this manner, the Service Operator will act as a manager, or trustee. This provides for ready interaction wherever it may be required with any other entities, private, corporate, or governmental. Should the Service Operator at any time become incapable of providing this service or resign from any aspect of its service operation, then Crypto Investor will appoint an alternative party to act for GoldCrypto and the interests of GoldCrypto Token holders.

Should, for any reason, any formal licensing or similar be required in any global jurisdiction in which GoldCrypto desires to operate, the Service Operator will seek such licensing and/or approvals as required for and on behalf of GoldCrypto and the GoldCrypto Token holder interests. The Service Operator does not and will not claim or register any kind of property, trademark or other rights pertaining to GoldCrypto for its own interest. All intellectual property rights, trademarks, branding, and other rights will remain exclusively the property of GoldCrypto, regardless of if they are held in trust and/or on account for GoldCrypto by the Service Operator.

Key Capital Corporation – Mining Expertise and Gold Pre-Purchase Partner

The Scottsdale based Key Capital Corporation management and core consulting team have extensive world class commercial and technical experience and expertise in all key mining and banking disciplines. GoldCrypto is prepurchasing its gold from selected gold mine production opportunities through Key Capital in conjunction with the Service Operator ( see: www.keycapitalgroup.com).

Scottsdale Mint LLP – Mint

Scottsdale Mint, an ISO 9001-2008 certified US Company is globally recognized for its integrity, quality, standards and security of its bullion products. Scottsdale Mint is proposed as the GoldCrypto bullion mint. Additionally, to the Scottsdale Mint certification and identification of all bullion, the GoldCrypto gold will also be blockchain identified and, thus, be able to be immutably tracked and identified (see www.scottsdalesilver.com)

Gold Bullion Vault Storage

GoldCrypto proposes to use one or more of Singapore Precious Metals Exchange, Swiss Gold Safe AG, Zurich and Hong Kong, and Byzantium International Ltd. Cayman Islands as its bullion storage partners. (see www.swissgoldsafe.ch, www.byzantium.ky), and www.sgpmx.com). Each operates high security bonded storage facilities providing the epitome of secured bullion facilities. This accountability is further enhanced through holdings being identifiable and trackable through the GoldCrypto blockchain.


The capital required for the initial pre-purchase of gold and the development and operation of GoldCrypto will be secured through the GoldCrypto Token ICO campaign.

The GoldCrypto Token ICO will seek to secure at least $3 million in GoldCrypto Token value with an optimistic target of $50 million or more in GoldCrypto Token value. As gold is predominantly traded in USD, the base attributed $1 GoldCrypto  Token ICO pricing is pegged to the USD.

The GoldCrypto ICO is scheduled to open for participation from 8.00am GMT on 29 January 2018 until 8.00pm GMT on 30 April 2018, unless closed earlier. During this time, a dedicated GoldCrypto Token ICO link will be available at GoldCrypto.io where participants will be able to generate user accounts. The ICO link will guide participants though account generation, exchange process, and detail the cryptocurrencies that will be accepted during the ICO in exchange for GoldCrypto Tokens.

The ICO will also offer discounts for early participation as follows:

  • First 15 days – 12% discount
  • Next 15 days – 9% discount
  • Next 15 days – 6% discount
  • From thereon no ICO discount – until 30 April 2018, unless closed earlier

Within 21 days following the closing of each tranche of the ICO, the number of GoldCrypto Tokens belonging to each ICO participant will be transferred to individual user accounts. Small transactional fees, comparable to other trading markets, will be charged to participants.

Regardless of the total GoldCrypto Tokens exchanged in the ICO, GoldCrypto will have the right to offer participants any balance tokens (or additional tokens up to a maximum of 1,400 million) at future dates.

GoldCrypto Tokens

A GoldCrypto Token is a secure blockchain ERC20 software accounting unit used to record its use rights and entitlements. Ownership of GoldCrypto Tokens denotes the holder’s right of use of the Tokens for payments and remittances, and to otherwise sell or exchange the GoldCrypto Token, or to exercise the option to receive a future physical gold exchange.

GoldCrypto Tokens are not to be considered legal tender, securities or commodities. GoldCrypto Tokens are not redeemable for cash through GoldCrypto. Although GoldCrypto Tokens may be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges, GoldCrypto disclaims responsibility for their negotiability. GoldCrypto Tokens are a digital asset, bearing value by themselves based on their underlying use-value, properties and/or rights only. GoldCrypto Tokens convey no voting rights, no equity interest, or any other interest or entitlement in GoldCrypto.

Over time, GoldCrypto will issue up to a total maximum 2,000 million GoldCrypto Tokens with a total 1,400 million GoldCrypto Tokens planned to be sold through the ICO, and progressively from thereon as and when further gold pre-purchase opportunities arise on sufficiently attractive terms. The remaining 30% of GoldCrypto Tokens will be used for payment of GoldCrypto Token mining costs, any bounty payments, and to also be progressively issued to the original development team, advisors, and the earliest adopters/contributors.

To enable as broad a participation as possible, the minimum ICO participation is 25 GoldCrypto Tokens.

GoldCrypto reserves the right in its absolute discretion to deny any application for GoldCrypto Tokens. This right is further reserved for any subsequent attempt to exchange GoldCrypto Tokens for physical gold bullion if participating parties are unable or refuse to comply with Anti Money Laundering (AML), Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF), and Know Your Client (KYC) regulations, laws, best practice, and any other applicable compliance that may apply at any time.

“Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the ‘hidden’ confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as a protector of property rights.” — Alan Greenspan


Platform and Infrastructure

Current November 2017 Jan/Feb 2018 Aug/Sep 2018

Service Operator formalized

Confirm Appointments

Finalize Whitepaper

Smart Contracts Integration

Pre ICO conducted

Risk Management integration


Gold pre-purchases finalized

1st gold deliveries
November 2018 Aug/Sept 2018 Jan/Feb 2019 August 2019
2nd gold pre-purchases Additional gold delivery from 2nd pre-purchases 3rd gold pre-purchases Additional gold delivery from 2nd pre-purchases from 3rd pre-purchases


Current November 2017 Jan/Feb 2018 Aug/Sep 2018

GoldCrypto structure

Pre ICO conducted ICO

GoldCrypto Tokens issue

Next GoldCrypto Offer

Big Picture Operations Roadmap

Logically, the agreements to pre-purchase gold are limited by the level of support for the GoldCrypto Token ICO. While in this Whitepaper 20 million GoldCrypto is used for basic example illustration, far larger quantities of gold can readily be pre-purchased on similarly attractive terms – at approximately 40% to 50% of current gold price.

It is envisaged that the opportunity of a gold-backed GoldCrypto Token that continues to increase in gold backing, will dramatically enhance participation and represent the ideal cryptocurrency. Additionally, the option for future gold bullion delivery at an ever-increasing value is equally compelling.

The ultimate vision is for GoldCrypto Tokens to be established as a decentralized nationless Gold Standard cryptocurrency that is not anchored by a fee-driven banking system or by disparate regulatory regimes.

Future VisionGoldCrypto Tokens have the potential, over time, to emerge as the world’s Gold Standard Plus Reserve cryptocurrency, and as GoldCrypto Tokens are gold backed, credit card, direct debit facilities and other financial services may be offered to GoldCrypto Token holders at a future time.

GoldCrypto is committed to establishing its Gold Standard Plus GoldCrypto Token cryptocurrency and expanding use benefits and value commensurate with scale and growth-rate.


The immediate focus is on optimizing the gold pre-purchase use and value of the GoldCrypto Tokens. However, in the future, and dependent on success and scale of operations, GoldCrypto may explore the potential establishment of a global decentralized GoldCrypto banking operation.

It is envisaged that the demand for secure decentralized gold asset-backed banking accounts would introduce a game changing opportunity in the global banking and exchange market.
All depositor accounts would be held in gold assets and withdrawals could be made in most countries, in major currencies, cryptocurrencies, or in physical gold.

Should GoldCrypto at some future time proceed with this initiative, 80% of all banking operational net surpluses will procure further gold pre-purchases for GoldCrypto Tokens benefit.


In the GoldCrypto ICO, GoldCrypto seeks to exchange and issue at least 3 million GoldCrypto Tokens with an ambitious 50 million GoldCrypto target. Use of ICO proceeds will be proportioned pro-rata between the 3 million and the target 50 million in accordance with the indicative schedule as follows:

ICO Token Breakdown – Use of ICO proceeds

3 million 20 million 50 million
Gold Pre-Purchase 75% 90% 92%
Consultants 6% 3% 2%
Legal/Accounting 7% 1% 1%
Marketing 8% 2% 2%
Miscellaneous/Contingency 4% 4% 3%

The unissued balance of GoldCrypto Tokens following the ICO will be progressively offered dependent upon sufficiently attractive future gold pre-purchase agreements being available.

GoldCrypto ongoing operational costs will be met through transactional fees generated as well as from any differential in the pre-purchase price of gold that GoldCrypto’s Service Operator is able to negotiate as the price for exercise of gold delivery by GoldCrypto Token holders (without accounting for ICO discounts) is fixed at the equivalent of US$750 per ounce.

Importantly, for GoldCrypto Token holders, even though Use of ICO Proceeds are disclosed this has no material impact on the GoldCrypto Token gold backing or the future delivery option.


Marketing will be supported through traditional and social media exposure and further through blockchain communities, trade shows and conferences.


Regulatory: Regulators generally have not determined Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies to be recognized or classified as a security or as currency. Similarly, they have not deemed cryptocurrency coin ICOs to be offerings of securities. It is noted that in the USA the SEC, in May 2017, advised that any party involved in any ICO needs to be aware that although not regulated, companies and their promoters need to recognize their fiduciary duty to investors and that protection of investors should be forefront. More recently, the SEC issued Press Releases on 25 July 2017, advising that: “U.S. federal securities law may apply to various activities, including distributed ledger technology, depending on the particular facts and circumstances, without regard to the form of the organization or technology used to effectuate a particular offer or sale.

The European Central Bank (ECB) has stated that it did not regard or want to see virtual digital currencies labelled as money or currencies. More recently, in July 2017, the ECB advised the European Parliament that it continues to monitor virtual currencies and, although of the opinion that virtual currencies have little impact on the ‘real’ economy, if associated risks are seen to increase then regulatory response would be more effective if coordinated at international level.

GoldCrypto Participation Rights: GoldCrypto Token participation rights are limited to their use rights, and GoldCrypto Tokens hold no voting, equity, or other rights in GoldCrypto. All GoldCrypto Token rights are limited to their use for exchange with multiple cryptocurrencies during the ICO or subsequent offer(s); for payments and remittances; and for future exchange for gold delivery applicable to the tokens as functional utility tokens. GoldCrypto Tokens are therefore first exchanged by GoldCrypto as a functional good in exchange for other cryptocurrencies and all proceeds received by GoldCrypto may be spent freely by GoldCrypto to secure gold pre-purchases and to meet its other costs as detailed in the indicative Use of ICO Proceeds section herein, absent any conditions. GoldCrypto Tokens are intended for participants knowledgeable in dealing with cryptographic tokens and blockchain-based software.

Legal Costs: Legal requirements include but are not limited to all final required or desired structuring, especially prior to the GoldCrypto Token ICO release. Ongoing resources may also be required for possible contingent legal work, as a number of global authorities and/or governments ultimately may form views on cryptocurrencies and their offerings that may have an impact on GoldCrypto, GoldCrypto Tokens, and/or the GoldCrypto Token ICO. Although GoldCrypto is of the view its GoldCrypto Tokens are not legal tender or securities, a contingency legal fund will be reserved for any potential future issues.

Legal Implications of GoldCrypto Token Exchange/Launch: GoldCrypto Tokens are functional utility tokens. GoldCrypto Tokens are use tokens and not securities. GoldCrypto Tokens once issued and/or exchanged, are non-refundable or reversible. GoldCrypto Tokens are a Gold Standard cryptocurrency, and not purposed for speculation or investment. No promises of future performance or value are or will be made with respect to GoldCrypto Tokens, including no promise of inherent value, and no guarantee that GoldCrypto Tokens will hold any particular value.

Legal Landscape for GoldCrypto Tokens and Related Rights: As discussed herein, cryptocurrencies and blockchain developments are an area of interest for many regulators around the globe, including those in South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, European Union, China, the United States and other jurisdictions. Although GoldCrypto believes the GoldCrypto Tokens are not legal currency tender or securities, and that decentralization holds great promise, GoldCrypto must, and intends to, conduct its operations in accordance with the laws of relevant jurisdictions, where and if applicable, and/or as required. As such, the GoldCrypto Tokens and potentially a number of related rights may not be available in certain jurisdictions. In some jurisdictions GoldCrypto may be required to first obtain licenses or other permitting, as may be deemed required by regulatory and/or financial law before GoldCrypto Token holders in those jurisdictions may activate operational accounts.

GoldCrypto Blockchain Architecture: GoldCrypto aims to be a fully decentralized Ethereum application framework. While each of the GoldCrypto components are well developed the overall software integration is still under development and will be for a while, especially as GoldCrypto moves key operational aspects from its beta base to full commercialization.

Accuracy of information: The GoldCrypto Whitepaper and the GoldCrypto website include projections and information obtained and prepared internally through market research, publicly available information, and industry publications. Such market research, publicly available information, and industry publications often state that the information they contain has been obtained from sources believed to be accurate and reliable.  Consequently, GoldCrypto provides no assurance as to the accuracy or completeness of such included information.

Consents: Save for GoldCrypto and Crypto Investor Inc and their management, no person has approved the content of this Whitepaper or the GoldCrypto website, or provided consent to the inclusion of his, her, or their name within this Whitepaper or the GoldCrypto website.


GoldCrypto introduces a cryptocurrencies Gold Standard token innovation to the blockchain and cryptocurrencies market that provides for GoldCrypto Token holders to capitalize on the rise of the rapid adoption of breakthrough blockchain technologies, across all markets.

Following listing on cryptocurrency exchanges, GoldCrypto expects its GoldCrypto Tokens to be highly liquid. , During the GoldCrypto ICO, major cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for GoldCrypto Tokens which will broaden GoldCrypto Token exposure and appeal. The primary GoldCrypto objective is to establish and launch a unique value Gold Standard cryptocurrency.

Aside from attractive entry positioning, further growth and continued appreciation potential of GoldCrypto Tokens will be achieved by continual re-investment of 45% (less operational costs) of mined and refined gold in further gold pre-purchase agreements. Appreciation can also be achieved through any increase in the gold price.


Currency: Fiat Bitcoin GoldCrypto
Backing: Increasing Debt Zero Increasing Gold Value

GoldCrypto – the future of Money!



“Whoever has the gold makes the rules” – Wizard of Id