Pre ICO Advice

The GoldCrypto ICO is scheduled to open for participation from 8.00am GMT on 16 April 2018 until 8.00pm GMT on 30 June 2018, unless closed earlier. The base GoldCrypto Coin will be offered for exchange with major cryptocurrencies at US$0.20 equivalent with discounts of up to 12% for early participation.

The current Pre-ICO offers a 30% discount to the ICO pricing – effectively providing Coins for US$0.14 equivalent, with each Token, following completion of the ICO, having a gold backing of around US$0.34, and continuing to increase over time from thereon. The pre-ICO 30% discount will apply until February 28, following which it will decrease to a 20% discount until 31 March, and then to 15% until April 15, 2018.

Download Full Pre ICO PDF

Thank You for your interest in the GoldCrypto Pre-ICO. Communication and transaction security when dealing in cryptocurrencies is critical and a major issue for all participants.

Until all web security measures are in place so that there is comfort that the Pre-ICO web process cannot be hacked or compromised, from the perspective or from your own wallet and assets, the following procedure is suggested:

  • Communication for the Pre-ICO will initially be through email.
  • It is recommended (but not essential) that you open a highly secure email account with ProtonMail. Being encrypted end-to-end, ProtonMail provides for email exchange where you can have confidence emails will not be hacked or intercepted. See ProtonMail for detail here.
  • On receipt of your email, participation and account details will be provided for both a banking option as well as for cryptocurrencies.

As detailed in the GoldCrypto website, whitepaper and Disclosure Statement, GoldCrypto is a cryptocurrency, and as a currency, like Bitcoin, does not have any physical presence, therefore all required operations are conducted through Crypto Investor Inc, the GoldCrypto appointed Service Operator. Crypto Investor Inc will be managing and processing all Pre-ICO and ICO activities.

Please email [email protected] to proceed, or with regard to any questions you may have.