World’s First Secure Cryptocurrency
Gold-Backed and Increasing
AuX Tokens Replaced if Stolen

  • PRE-ICO 15% Bonus Up to April 30
  • ICO ROUND 1 10% Bonus April 1 to June 15
  • ICO ROUND 2 5% Bonus June 16 to July 31
  • ICO ROUND 3 No Bonus Aug 1 to Aug 31
Soft Cap 4,500 ounces of gold – US$6,000,000 equivalent current Bonus 15%
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  • 1 AuX token – US$0.20 equivalent
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Why GoldCrypto

Why GoldCrypto?

  • Safe and secure. If hacked (unlikely) – stolen GoldCrypto AuX tokens replaced
  • Backed by physical gold
  • A better than gold-standard cryptocurrency
  • Gold backing continually increasing
  • Transparent blockchain
  • Decentralized and nationless
  • Option to exchange AuX tokens for physical gold
  • Better than Bitcoin – AuX - the future of money

What are AuX Tokens?



    Each GoldCrypto AuX token is backed by pre-purchased gold. At ICO closing, physical gold backing is positioned at over US$0.30 equivalent per AuX token.



    AuX token gold backing to continuously increase through re-investment process in gold pre-purchases on highly attractive terms.



    Gold is processed by Scottsdale Mint, then delivered for re-investment and storage in recognized secure vaults - immutably and transparently blockchain accounted.



    AuX tokens provide the ultimate stable safe-haven gold protection.



    Gold is globally recognized and accepted. Gold backed AuX tokens will become just as familiar and far more convenient and accessible.



    A better than Gold Standard cryptocurrency, exchangeable for physical gold introduces a new level of gold access and convenience.

AuX Cryptocurrency Tokens –
The Future of Money!

The Big GoldCrypto Difference

Currency Backing Security
Fiat Increasing Debt Levels Subject to inflation
Bitcoin Zero Highly susceptible to hacking
GoldCrypto Increasing Gold Value Safe and Secure
  • Major investors and industry analysts predict the demise of fiat currencies – to be replaced by cryptocurrencies.
  • AuX tokens are the ideal cryptocurrency – their gold backing exceeds the traditional Gold Standard and will ever increase.
  • AuX tokens are safe and secure.

Why A Gold Backed Cryptocurrency?

It is just a matter of time before the US dollar ceases to be the world’s Reserve currency. AuX tokens, backed by increasing physical gold, trusted, accountable, transparent, and immutable on blockchain, represent the ideal future new Reserve global currency.

Why Act Now?

Physical gold serves as protection against inflation and fiat currency collapses. Having nationless AuX tokens with an ever-increasing gold backing is far more compelling.

Why A Gold Backed Cryptocurrency

Pre-ICO and ICO entry level for early
participation in AuX tokens is a unique opportunity,
never to be repeated.


With much current discussion regarding the value and backing of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, there is a clear case for the establishment of a safe and secure true-value asset-backed cryptocurrency.

There is no better value asset-backing than physical gold!

AuX tokens are digitized Gold Standard cryptocurrency utility tokens.

In the current global market of economic uncertainty, terrorism, political instability and many other threats, the case for establishment of a gold backed, decentralized and secure cryptocurrency is an imperative to preserve wealth and value. Given that US Dollars and the world’s 180 fiat currencies are predominantly backed by debt, and most cryptocurrencies have no tangible asset backing or hope of achieving sustainability in the mid or long term, safe and secure gold-backed AuX tokens are an obvious value proposition.


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AuX Tokens have all the components of a perfect global currency:

  • Value – Backed by ever increasing physical gold with immutable transparent blockchain accountability, AuX token value is irrefutable.
  • Cryptocurrency – A global nationless digital currency that recognizes no borders.
  • Safe and Secure – If hacked (unlikely) then AuX tokens are replaced.
  • Counterfeiting – Cannot be counterfeited as AuX tokens are fully accounted and on the transparent blockchain.
  • Trust – Backed by blockchain verifiable increasing gold.
  • Debt Free – The GoldCrypto economy has no debt
  • Transferable – Can be used for payments, remittances, gifting, or be bought or sold on global cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • Authenticity – AuX token authenticity can always be validated and verified.
  • Portability – AuX tokens are globally portable and, through cryptocurrency exchanges, can be realized in multiple countries and fiat currencies.
  • Fungibility – Able to be used for exchange of most any value services or products and/or for physical gold which is itself highly fungible.
  • Durability – As a digital currency, AuX token durability exceeds all fiat currencies.
  • Divisibility – Provide for divisibility that will enhance global usage as and when required commensurate with its growth traction as a cryptocurrency.

However, for any cryptocurrency to emerge as a true global currency of choice its usage value, recognition and acceptance needs to be unquestioned and unanimous worldwide. Further it will need to address scale as Bitcoin, even with value of over US$8,000 per coin, is still a very small player in the global currency market.

Putting things into perspective, Bitcoin has a current market capitalization of around a mere US$150 billion within a global market where all fiat currencies total US$90.4 trillion of which only US$7.6 trillion is in printed or minted form.

Notably, gold reserves amount to US$7.7 trillion, stock market assets US$73 trillion, property assets US$217 trillion, and hanging over all this is a derivatives market of well over US$500 trillion, and total global debt of $215 trillion.

Clearly, a run on any major fiat currency or assets liquidation would be cataclysmic.

In the ‘new-age’ crypto world, AuX tokens are positioned
to emerge as the future of money and capitalize on:

  • Demand – There is a clear demand for an efficient, transparent, and portable asset backed cryptocurrency.
  • Value – Through their unique structure, AuX tokens ever increase in gold backing.
  • Acceptance – AuX tokens, as a trusted, true value cryptocurrency, have unlimited potential.
  • Widespread Use – Being gold backed, verifiable, validated, tradable, used for payments and remittances, positions AuX tokens as the ideal value cryptocurrency.




  • Cryptocurrency Buyers: As a Gold Standard cryptocurrency ever increasing in gold-backing, AuX tokens will appeal as a decentralized global cryptocurrency.
  • Hedge Buyers: If concerned with inflation, political instability, economic uncertainty, gold as a bullion product, AuX tokens provide attractive options.
  • Institutional Buyers: Safe and secure Gold Standard AuX cryptocurrency tokens convertible to physical gold, represent a highly attractive option for gold acquisition.
  • Bullion Buyers: Being backed by ever increasing physical gold, AuX tokens provide a most advantageous leveraged gold position opportunity.


How does the GoldCrypto economy increase AuX
token gold backing and value?


Gold is pre-purchased at a significant discount while still in the ground and following mining it is minted by Scottsdale Mint and then delivered as bullion. This provides for a starting gold backing of over US$0.30 value equivalent per AuX token (a minimum 50% value premium without factoring in any Pre-ICO discounts).

As physical gold is delivered, up to 65% may be reinvested in further gold pre-purchases, 5% is reserved for an emerging non-profit social enterprise, and a minimum 30% is transferred to secure bullion vaults.

This ongoing leverage assures the gold backing of AuX tokens will ever increase.


How does GoldCrypto assure the safety and
security of AuX tokens?

As well as having the ERC20 standard AuX tokens on the public blockchain, GoldCrypto uses a permissioned ledger interface that acts a validation and authorization for all transactions. Operating seamlessly this interface structured through the CryptoSecure Cryptocurrency Platform assures that transactions are between real validated parties as well as identifying the smart contract assets being transacted. This safeguard provides for all transaction identification and tracking where ever required. Also see:

GoldCrypto AuX tokens are first created through the permissioned ledger with all associated transactional and recording proceeded through ERC20 standard smart contracts on the public blockchain. This ground-breaking GoldCrypto security provision for its AuX tokens is being customized through the Cryptocurrency Security Platform.

How does GoldCrypto assure the safety and security of AuX tokens?

Should any AuX tokens be stolen, they will immediately be voided on the permissioned ledger and on the blockchain, and then be subject to replacement.

Finally, AuX tokens will only be able to be traded between parties that are KYC compliant. It is important however to recognize that no KYC information is openly shared with, or provided to any regulator, or third party, except through formal demand from authorities that may be investigating serious illicit activities such as arms dealing, drug running, terrorism, slavery, or similar. Basically, issues concerning serious AML/CTP activities. Therefore, parties involved in any of these types of activities are discouraged from participating in AuX tokens.

In summary, with AuX token security measures in place, hacking of AuX tokens becomes futile as any stolen tokens are rendered valueless and useless. They will be unable to be legitimately transferred or used ever.


  • Darcy Johnston
    Darcy Johnston

    Darcy Johnston coordinates and manages all GoldCrypto gold pre-purchases in the interests of the GoldCrypto economy. He also manages social media and other public relations related initiatives for GoldCrypto incubator and Service Operator, Crypto Investor Inc. He is a proven marketing executive having strong IT skills and a conviction for Bitcoin, altcoins, and industry applications for blockchain, cryptocurrencies and crypto-security. Darcy is also the CEO of CryptoSecure which provides the security solution platform for GoldCrypto AuX tokens.

  • Ryan Lee
    Ryan Lee

    Ryan has over 12 years of extensive experience in the regulated financial services industry. He has led investment initiatives, spoken at numerous seminars, and mentored other professionals. Ryan particularly excels with business development and has successfully commercialized and assisted in bringing many projects to market. Ryan has excellent relationship management skills and his ability to listen, adapt and apply the issues of all stakeholders, make him a successful and vital component of key projects. At GoldCrypto Ryan leads institutional introduction and participation and co-ordinates all the GoldCrypto economy participation relationships.

  • Evgeny Rozhnov
    Lead Technical Advisor

    Evgeny Rozhnov is the Crypto Investor Inc. Lead Technical Advisor and oversees all GoldCrypto and CryptoSecure development. Evgeny excels at managing distributed project teams optimizing costs and working with some of the best of talent across the world. He has managed and overseen numerous projects throughout Europe, and in USA, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Singapore, India, Malaysia, and Brazil, with a number being multi-jurisdictional developments. Significant major projects include managing the T-mobile Software Development Center of 130 developers working on large complex projects accruing over 120 man-years of development effort. He led the turnkey construction of Russia’s largest data center for linxdatacenter winning the Datacenter Dynamic award for Innovation in Mega Datacenters in 2011 joining previous winners of the prestigious award including Barclays, Microsoft and Fujitsu. Evgeny provides and manages all GoldCrypto and CryptoSecure programming for the incorporation and integration of the CryptoSecure Cryptocurrency Platform.

  • Larry Cameron
    Larry Cameron
    Security Specialist and Advisor

    Larry commenced his career with Electronic Data Systems working on major contracts for companies including MCI/Worldcom, Hewlett Packard, and Bank of America. He worked with Canada Games in Nova Scotia, and then with Research in Motion throughout Canada, and in Singapore and Australia. Larry is the Founder / CTO for Quantus Technical Solutionsand the Co-Founder / CISO for Jentu Technologies Inc. Jentu / Quantus currently provide the first global security solution to assess 20/20 SANS Critical Security Controls. At GoldCrypto Larry provides consulting and advisory services working closely with management in the development of the CryptoSecure Cryptocurrency Platform AuX token security solutions, and especially focusing on integrative relationships and Platform Security.

  • Brian Golter
    IT Management

    Brian Golter, BSc, is responsible for all GoldCrypto and CryptoSecure IT and management support for product development and operations. He is highly qualified and recently retired from the US Air Force where he led Software Operations for the $20 billion Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS). JSTARS provided daily software intelligence and cryptographic updates to 17 aircraft systems globally supporting over 3,200 combat flights. Brian also led eight major software updates during the second Gulf War, and in recent years, he was JSTARS Software Division Chief overseeing the JSTARS program, operations, software enhancement, testing and implementation, database management and software configuration and control.

  • Christopher Nichols
    Senior Advisor

    Christopher Nichols is the President and CEO of Key Capital Corporation through which GoldCrypto physical gold is pre-purchased. Christopher will provide consulting services where required, especially in relation to gold pre-purchase arrangements and operations where the Key Capital resource industry team will be responsible for monitoring production of pre-purchased gold right through to bullion delivery to GoldCrypto vaults. Additionally, Key Capital consultants will also support the on-going development and enhancement of the CryptoSecure Cryptocurrencies Platform security technologies.

  • >Iman Bahrani
    Iman Bahrani
    SEO and Online Optimization

    Iman Bahrani coordinates online marketing optimization through his specialized SEO skills. Iman is an entrepreneur with over 12 years of extensive SEO and market optimization experience, having led numerous campaigns for major corporates and Fortune 500 companies in the Middle East, USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.

  • Peter Bartleet
    Peter Bartleet
    Advisor – Institutional Sales

    Peter Bartleet provides relationship support for GoldCrypto. in the interests of the GoldCrypto economy. He has extensive management and organizational experience including over 15 years as Singapore/Malaysia Managing Director of international business consulting group, PA Consulting. Previously he served as an Investment Manager with Western Australia’s largest venture fund, and as Chief Executive of a listed telecommunications group. Peter has an Honors Engineering degree.


The following parties are intended to support the GoldCrypto AuX economy operations. In each respective case if the identified party is not engaged, or ceases to act, then a replacement party of similar standing is to be engaged if required.


GoldCrypto incubator, Crypto Investor, Inc., is a Belize corporation and governed under English Common Law, augmented by local legislation. Crypto Investor also serves as the GoldCrypto Service Operator in managing and coordinating all actions and activity required to meet the objectives of the GoldCrypto economy.

Following the AuX token ICO, the Service Operator on behalf of the GoldCrypto economy will finalize the gold pre-purchase agreements with Key Capital for the first identified gold mining operations. Gold pre-purchases will NOT EXCEED 25% of the identified recoverable gold in any specific mining operation.

The Service Operator, as well as providing for the gold pre-purchase agreements and management thereof, will also provide the additional mechanism to effectively materialize any actions required for the benefit of the predominantly autonomous AuX economy interests. In this manner, the Service Operator will act as a manager, or trustee. This provides for ready interaction wherever it may be required with Key Capital and/or any other entities, private, corporate or governmental. Should the Service Operator at any time become incapable of providing this service or resign from any aspect of its service operation, Crypto Investor Inc will appoint an alternative party to act for GoldCrypto. Should, for any reason, any formal licensing or similar be required in any global jurisdiction in which the in which the GoldCrypto economy interest desires to operate, the Service Operator will seek such licensing and/or approvals as required for and on behalf of the GoldCrypto economy interests. The Service Operator does not and will not claim or register any kind of property, trademark or other rights pertaining to GoldCrypto for its own interest. All GoldCrypto related assets, property, intellectual property rights, trademarks, branding and other rights will remain exclusively the property of the GoldCrypto economy, regardless of if they are held in trust and/or on account for GoldCrypto by the Service Operator.


Scottsdale based Key Capital Corporation management and core consulting team have extensive commercial and technical experience and expertise in all the major mining disciplines. GoldCrypto is pre-purchasing its gold from selected gold mine production opportunities through Key Capital. See:


Scottsdale Mint, an ISO 9001-2008 certified US Company is globally recognized for its integrity, quality, standards and security of its bullion products. Scottsdale Mint is proposed by Key Capital as the GoldCrypto bullion mint. Additionally to the Scottsdale Mint certification and identification of all bullion, the AuX gold will also be blockchain identified and, thus, be able to be immutably tracked and identified, (see


How does GoldCrypto assure the safety and security of AuX tokens?

GoldCrypto proposes to use world class bullion storage partners such as Singapore Precious Metals Exchange, and Byzantium International Ltd. Cayman Islands. (see: and ). Each operates high security bonded storage facilities providing the epitome of secured bullion facilities. This level of accountability is further enhanced through all holdings and/or transactions being identifiable and trackable through the GoldCrypto blockchain.


To the extent that the GoldCrypto economy may benefit from currency or gold hedging and/or equity positioning, or from gold futures sale or purchase, or similar transactions, then all such transactions are proposed to be conducted through an IB account. Greenwich, Connecticut headquartered Interactive Brokers (IB) conducts its broker/dealer and trading businesses in over 100 markets worldwide. The IB Group and its affiliates execute nearly 1,000,000 trades per day, have over 1,100 employees and are regulated by the SEC, FINRA, NYSE, FCA and other regulatory agencies around the world. (see:


Should the management of any surplus GoldCrypto economy funds or other accumulated assets be deemed or required at any time to be held on account, then GoldCrypto intends to use a Modulus platform which is a market leading, industry proven, robust product, fully supported by a 200+ developer team. Scottsdale based Modulus has provided advanced technology products and services to clients since 1997, including NASDAQ Stock Market, J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, Barclays Capital, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, IBM, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Cisco, Adobe, Ford Motor Company, SAS Institute, Rutgers University, the University of Chicago, and thousands of other corporate, educational, governmental, and non-profit institutions, throughout 94 countries. (see:

GoldCrypto Mission

To establish GoldCrypto AuX tokens as the World’s most secure value cryptocurrency, through its unique Gold Standard gold-backing and unmatched token security.

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