What are AUX Tokens?

Raising the bar

By establishing a true Gold Standard in the cryptocurrency market

Gold backed

Based on ever increasing value of Gold – easier to monitor than other currencies


A global currency for the future

Open Source Blockchain

No government or regulatory body control allowing for full transparency

AUX Cryptocurrency – The Future Of Money!

The Big AUX Difference

Major investors and industry analysts predict the demise of fiat currencies – to be replaced by Cryptocurrencies.

AUX Tokens are the ideal Cryptocurrency – their gold backing will ever increase and exceed the traditional gold standard.

Currency Backing
Fiat Increasing Debt Levels
Bitcoin Zero
AuX Increasing Gold Value

AuX Snapshot

Why A Gold Backed Cryptocurrency?

It is only a matter of time before the US dollar ceases to be the world’s Reserve currency. By being backed by increasing gold, able to be trusted, fully transparent, accountable, and immutable on a blockchain, GoldCrypto is set up to be the ideal future cryptocurrency and new Reserve currency.

Why Act Now?

For decades, gold has been used as  protection against inflation and fiat currency collapses. Having a global nationless GoldCrypto cryptocurrency with an ever increasing gold backing is far more compelling. Pre-ICO and ICO entry level for early participation is a unique opportunity, never to be repeated again.

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